Thursday, January 01, 2009

No "Truce" Within Islam Or With Muslims

In discussing recent Israel-Hammas conflict it is proper to discuss the western concept of “truce” VS. the Arabic concept of “Hudna”; Both referring to the temporary stopping of overt, physical conflict.

Within the West “truce” the has always had the implication that such will lead to a long term peace, often based on negotiations and an expectation that the spirit of “truce” will be more important than the letter of a truce agreement. In Western tradition any truce violations are likely to be considered in proportion to their seriousness, with a reluctance to totally cancel the “truce” for minor reasons.

Within (At least, Arab) “Islam”, the term “hudna” implies only a period for regeneration of powers so that the stalled conflict may be again pursued with renewed vigor. Any, no matter how slight, violation of “hudna” is considered sufficient to allow resumption of hostilities at the convenience of the aggressor.. Mohamed himself, in his feud with the Quraysh clan, set the pattern of this use of “hudna” as a tactical ploy.

For believing Muslims, the example of Mohammed is generally binding on them. A principle of their ideology is all persons and Peoples are either within Islam or at war with it and, following the example of the "Prophet", any stopping of hostilities can be considered only temporary.

In the present case, calls upon Israel to begin and honor a "truce" is only a measure in support of Hammas and all Muslims whose original leader called upon them to: Kill all Jews; Restore and maintain Islamic law and rule over any lands ever ruled by Muslims; And, to continue to battle and defeat the West and Western Civilization as "not Islamic"..

Most Western criticisms of Israel for not accepting another "Hudna" (I will not use the term "truce") with Hammas is based on either a misunderstanding of the terms-and-conditions of doing so (Only to the advantage of Islam) or dislike-or-hatred of Jews or have been bought-or-leased by Arab money---OR, suffer from some sort of pathological self-hate.

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