Friday, January 23, 2009

'1984", FOCA & Resisting State Terrorism

In George Orwell's most important novel, "1984", the tyranny of "Big Brother" maintains, with the full force of the State, a system of "doublepeak" in which "war is peace", "starvation is plenty" and, most of all, "lies are truth". This "newspeak" is at the core of the brain-washing basic to the maintenance of power in Orwell's "Oceania" and in such acts of our government as the proposed "FOCA".

"FOCA" is the "Freedom Of Choice Act" which, in the tradition of Orwell and the Democratic National Committee. takes away the freedom of individuals and organizations to NOT participate in the killing of unborn children, calling it "choice". (The "Democratic" is another "newspeak" term for an organization which allows quotas for delegates to its national convention from, at the least, California, by race, color, gender, but not creed as that would require some 75% plus of delegates to be believing Christians.)

If the FOCA is passed into law, any efforts to enforce it (By judges, police and others), using the power of the State (To fine, imprison, seize property) will be as much acts of State Terrorism as any in 1984 or the mis-rule of Hitler, Stalin and others of that ilk.

Such state terrorism may, should and must be resisted by whatever level of effort and force as is required to stop it. I put no limits on the degree of force which may be needed to do so and warn all persons attempting to enforce any FOCA that they will be considered without the protection of Natural Law. Or, to paraphrase the militia captain at Lexington in 1775: "If they want a war, let it begin here and now!".

As for myself, I will hold any Member of the Congress who votes for FOCA as equally responsible for any resulting acts of state terrorism.

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