Monday, May 12, 2008

A Human Life Concern Ignored

The religious, academic, political and media debates the political and moral aspects of various human life issues (eg Abortion, Euthanasia) are more-and-more discussed in spite of some candidates' reluctance to do so. However, the human life issue never (Well, hardly ever) discussed is the Natural Law right of every human to self-defense against criminal attacks.

That is a right for each human and the protecting of innocents against such attacks is a duty for able and right-thinking persons. That right applies to the female student walking home from school, the Christian or Pagan under Islamic attack in the Sudan, the store keeper or other worker terrorized by gang-bangers and all like threats.

The "sticky" part of defending that Natural Law right is the question of innocents' access to the immediate and effective means (Modern weapons) when the police or inter-national peace keepers are unable (Or unwilling because of the political pressures of such as the Islamic Block in the UN) to provide instant and effective protection of the innocent.

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