Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Abortion & Guns As LIFE Issues

Yesterday I received, in the mail, copies of the "National Catholic Register" (An essentially orthodox publication) and one of the magazines published by the American Rifle Association. Both of these periodicals criticized Senator Obama (And, to a only slightly lesser extent, Senator Clinton) for positions: One as to his (Their) opposition to the rights of sane, adult and law-abiding citizens to keep and bear modern firearms; The other as to killing unborn children or even (As in the case of Sen. Obama) protecting the lives of babies who somehow survive abortion attempts.

Yet, these two publications appear unable to make the connection and note that these are both "LIFE ISSUES". One as to the right of free people to have the means to enforce their statutory and Natural Law rights to protect their lives from criminal assaults; The other of the most innocent in our world, unborn children, to live without being cut to pieces or chemically burnt to death in the womb.

I think it well past the time for the editors of both journals (AND EVERYONE ELSE) to set aside their respective prejudices and reexamine the rights of all as should be supported by those who oppose abortion and abortive and ineffective gun control measures.

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