Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Alternatives To Guns

Since police are often unable (Or is it unwilling?) to protect shop keepers and other citizens from bandits, those citizens should take measures to protect themselves. As too many officials (Especially very "political" Police Chiefs) appears to frown on citizens having readily accessible firearms (Hand guns) to do so, I suggest that shop keepers keep ready and use one or more of the following: Gas or elastic powered fish spears; Ordinary harpoons; Nail studded baseball bats; Home made (Liquid Petroleum Gas) flame throwers; Sling shots" (Called "catapults" in the UK) with steel ball bearings as projectiles; Chain saws; Lead shot filled garden hose sections; Chinese style repeating cross bows; Batons plugged into wall current with sharp prong electrodes to jab into thugs; Old style "zip guns" using sharpened flooring materials as projectiles; Packets of red pepper dust to be followed with boots and clubs (The Maori and Iroquois have some nice designs); "Nail Guns"; And, any number of other improvised weapons.

Going from weapons designed to be used against individuals or small groups, there are many instrumentalities available for the terrorist or domestic mass-murderer including, but not limited to,such as: Pails of gasoline; Fuel air bombs (Next best to tactical A-bombs) made from materials available from local hardware, farm supply and fuel stores; Home made plastic explosives and nerve gas (For the latter remember its use in gun free Japan!), Etc..

JULY 2012 NOTE:   The Aurora (Colorado) mass-murderer was prepared to use some of such mass-killing alternatives.


Hermione Aikins said...

"Property represents the portion of the lives of those who honestly labored to acquire it and is therefore subject to protection by use of force---Even deadly force as every theft and robbery represents a "little murder"."

Indeed! And how much of a "little murder" are you willing to kill for? If I am in the process of stealing from you and your only feasible choices are to kill me or let me get away with it - how much can I get away with? 10 cents? A dollar? Is a minute of your expended time worth the entire rest of my life? How about 10 minutes? An hour? Do you have mirror neurons? Or did someone steal them? Snarkiness aside, people who have weapons will use them. Advisedly or otherwise. Which is more preferable? To suffer the occasional outrage or to commit the occasional outrage?

James Pawlak said...

The thief or robber gives up humanity and human rights and is a thing. If such critters wished me to consider their rights to life, they would do well to avoid attempting to take away even the smallest part of my life--Even that part represented by a ten-cent piece. I have given much (Often without public notice) to charitable causes with the hope that such would be used to help real humans.

hermione aikins said...

The Policeman’s Road to Hell
In 6 progressive phases
1 Regard those who are evil as if they were things
2 Regard those who are wrong as if they were things
3 Regard those who are disruptive as if they were things
4 Regard those who are inconvenient as if they were things
5 Regard everyone except himself as if they were things
6 Regard everyone including himself as if they were things
About that time many good men have eaten their own gun
Lord Vetinari regards everyone as evil
Just some more evil than others
It’s not a good way to be
And it’s false
People are people, even evil people
Not all bad people need to die or be thrown away
There are other options

James Pawlak said...

Wisdom is knowing how far to travel on any road! Phase-1 is as far as I go and is the needed, one stage, needed to suppress evil.

However, I admire your reading choices; If not their application.

PS---I am not a policeman; But,have (Working for the Department of Corrections) known some truly evil persons---Some of whom were clients.