Friday, April 04, 2008

Not All US Marines Remain Heros

Human beings are fallible! Without regard to heredity, wealth, education, upbringing and training, some fail to meet minimum standards of decency. We have ministers-of-religion who sexually or psychologically abuse others, the Harvard educated sons of rich men who will leave a woman to drown or otherwise physically or financially abuse others, lawyers and police officers who break the law they know so well---And sometimes members of the United States Marine Corps who, in spite of the best available training in manliness, turn out to be pustules on or cancers within the body politic.

Among such failed marines are Lee Harvey Oswald, the U-Texas Tower shooter, "Jack" Murtha (That most corrupt congress-critter) and, in recent news, Rev./Mr. Jeremiah Wright, the preceptor, councilor, pastor, ETC. of Presidential Candidate Obama.

It appears that some once-upon-a-time marines have NOT "Always Faithful" to the spirit of the Corps and such service does NOT mitigate their later betrayal of the American Way OR of any other standard of decency, honor and courage.

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