Saturday, April 05, 2008

The Church & The Civil Law

The Church, in its Bishops in the USA, has seriously weakened its position as to the Law in its pathological obsession with protecting clergy from just punishment for the sexual and psychological abuse of minors. It has attempted to inflict upon the People the very outdated and discredited "right of clergy" (Look it up if you do not know the term).

Those bishops have also weakened their moral positions and the place of the Church vis-a-vis the law (Especially in a democracy) by claiming that our just laws regarding citizenship, border controls and immigrations are subject to Church law when, in fact, such laws (From the time of civil Rome) are something which "belongs to Caesar".

I hesitate to present these concepts to the USA's bishops as I wonder if we still have enough qualified priests to fill the vacancies caused by the heart-attacks and strokes such would bring.

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