Friday, April 06, 2007

UK Outlaws Religious Teaching

It has been reported that the United Kingdom has passed into law a prohibition against any school teacher presenting the position that homosexual behavior is immoral. This certain applies to private as well as government operated schools and may very well be directed at Catholics, Evangelicals and other traditional Christians. It appears to be binding on Muslims (Though I doubt that any UK authority would bring actions against them) and traditional Jews.

I assume that the next step in the UK will be to prohibit newspapers and magazines from publishing such positions or teachings, to be followed by forbidding ministers-of-religion from proclaiming such from their pulpits. After that, the usual step in such a Nazi progression is to forbid any teaching, at any level of instructions, or publication or speech which goes against the Government's positions on any matter.

It should be remembered (Especially by editors, publishers, elected officials and, most specially, our Federal Judges) that the only thing that stops this tyranny from being imposed in the USA is the Bill Of Rights which specially protects freedom of speech, freedom of the press and the right, too often ignored, to "freely exercise" religion.
[The Second Amendment is the club which keeps judges and other public officials from going too far from the protections of the other parts of the Bill Of Rights.]

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