Monday, April 23, 2007

Equitable Immigration Laws

It is well past the time when we should "adopt" (In the fullest sense of that word) the following laws as to immigrants into the USA.
There will be NO bi-lingual education programs in our public schools.
There will be NO ballots written in languages other than English.
All government business will be conducted only in English.
Foreigners will NOT be allowed to vote in our elections no matter how long they have lived in the USA NOR will they ever be able to hold public office.
Foreigners will not be allowed public welfare or health care services or any other like drains on public monies or services.
Foreigners will be allowed to invest in US companies if, and only if, that investment is 40,000 times the daily minimum wage.
Foreigners will not be allowed to own water front property even if they become naturalized citizens.
Foreigners will NOT be allowed to publicly protest the actions and officials of our government and violations of this rule will result in their instant deportation without hearings.
Illegal immigrants will be hunted down by both police agencies and the military and sent to jail when captured. Attempts to flee such officers or soldiers may legally result in their being shot to death under a "law of flight" provision.

HARSH RULES? Yes! But, they are the rules Mexico applies to foreigners within its jurisdiction. Why should we not borrow those laws from our sister republic and apply it to its citizens (And those of other nations) within our borders? In an era when our own Supreme Court is relying upon foreign court decisions and laws, that seems fair and equitable.

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