Monday, April 09, 2007

Some Questions On The Morality Of Killing

Below you will find some “situations-and-questions” which go to the heart of the morality of killing under a variety of conditions. Your reasoned responses to the questions raised below will be very much welcomed.

To avoid “legalistic” problems or objections, please assume the following.
1.That I live in a State which allows certain citizens to have permits to carry concealed
2.That I have such a valid permit'
3.That I am a “very good shot” with the weapon(s) I carry; And,
4.That I have my concealed firearms loaded with ammunition which will NOT go through a target and endanger other persons.
5.That attempting to wound or disable by gun shot is likely to result in injury to others as such shots too often miss their target.
6.That law enforcement officials are NOT on the scene and might not arrive for 15-plus minutes (As to Items A-C below; OR, Refuse to take action to prevent the noted events as to those or the other situations even though notified of such).
7.For those of a Jewish or Christian point-of-view, the Commandment reads: “Thou shall not murder”.
8.“Morally” = “Ethically”.

A. I am passing a school play ground and notice a large dog, foaming at its mouth, snapping and threatening the children there. Am I morally justified in firing at that creature even though there might be a minute risk of injury to some child or other person?
B. I am in a shopping mall and there is a person slashing at others with a machete or shooting randomly at other persons. Am I morally justified in shooting that person down, without warning, so as to prevent death or great bodily injury to others?
C. I am walking down a street and notice a mob actually attacking a building with torches. Am I morally justified in firing into that mob to protect any occupants of that building OR fire fighters who would be summoned from the danger of death or great bodily injury?
D. Dr. John Doe is known, as a matter of fact, to perform very late term abortions where the brains of the unborn child are sucked out of a head already in the birth canal. He is entering his office building were such actions are performed. The civil authorities will do nothing to stop him from such killings. He has been formally warned to not perform any more such “procedures” but has refused to stop doing so. Am I morally justified in shooting him down to stop his performing any more such abortions?
E. Mohammed Roe is known, as a matter of fact, to be a supporter of and considerable financial contributer to an organization which sends money and other material support to terrorist organizations which use such funds and resources to kill and injure innocent persons. He has been formally warned to stop doing so but continues in such activities. The civil authorities have been informed of his activities but will not stop him from supporting such terrorists. Am I morally justified in shooting him down to stop his support of terrorism and, thereby, the deaths of or injuries to innocent persons?


Anonymous said...

F. A person is sentenced to a "fate worse than death" without due process, or even hearing the charges. Can he defend himself against the mob of drooling idiots with lethal force?

MonicaR said...

A. Yes
B. Yes
C. Yes
D. No
E. No