Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Maintain Ignorance Of Islam!!! A Fatwa!

In the name of Allah, The Merciful (Except to victims of suicide bombers, girls and women in the Sudan, the thousands killed on”9/11” and the other foes of Islam), do NOT let anyone overcome their ignorance of the true nature of Islam by reading that horridly accurate book noted below.

Most specially, do not let any potential or recent converts to Islam to do so. In addition, try to suppress its reading, understanding and application among: Elected officials, especially in democratic governments (Which will be submerged beneath our Sharia law); Journalists, especially those not paid bribes by our followers or whose agencies are not owned by Muslims; The so-called clergy of the unbelievers; Professors and teachers in the schools of those who are our enemies (Until we can convert those institutions to only the study of the Koran); And, to the diplomats and military of those evil ones who oppose the spread of Islam until our very lucrative operation controls the whole world.

Spencer, Robert
The Politically Incorrect Guide To Islam (And The Crusades)
Regnery Publishing, Inc. (An Eagle Publishing Company)
Washington, DC; 2005

This fatwa is binding on all Muslims.
/Abdul bin Abdul bin Adnauseam

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