Monday, March 20, 2006

Legal Defintions Of Islam & Secular Humanism

I suggest that our law is very confused as to what is a religion and that definitions need to be in place as they are for what are "charitable" or "non-profit" organizations. Therefore, I suggest that the following two definitions be put into legal-effect by the Congress or the Supreme Court or both OR, if necessary, by amending our Constitution.

ISLAM: Not a religion; But, a 1400-plus year old terrorist-criminal ideology or force or loose organizaition based on the power of murder, revenge, rape, robbery, genocide, the destruction of cultures-and-civilizations AND the deprivation of equal social, legal, sexual, economic and other rights to non-members and all women.

SECULAR HUMANISM (AND, ATHEISM): Religion(s) based on the "theological" concept that there is no God nor gods and, therefore, entitled to neither less nor more rights or protections under the Constitution as are or would be any other religion.

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Muhammad Shahzad Munir said...

Allah bless you dear, i think you have not follow the Islamic History in a right way. Islam is a religion of Love, Peace and prosperity. Islam gave a complete guideline to a single person and whole mankind to success in this world and the next world. It is Islam which gave woman a social status. In Islam master and servant are equal if someone is superior,who is piety and pious man. Our Book Holy Quran is full of Knowledge about all aspects of life.I advice you to study the Islamic History and then point out any views about Islam. I will wait for your reply. Thanks.
Muahmmad Shahzad Munir
from: Pakistan
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