Saturday, March 25, 2006

Every Theft A Little Murder

The below is parapharsed and modified from another author (Jack Vance?)

All property represents the time individuals and collectives of people create by the honest application of mental or physical effort. Every theft takes from such persons that part of their lives which has been expended in such honest efforts.

Every successful theft takes from such honest workers that part of their lives, not to be replaced, invested in such creations of property. THEREFORE, every theft is a little murder and every thief a small-scale murderer.

This is true for all: Common thiefs (Robbers, burgle rs, shoplifters); Politicians who do
pay-for-play” wrongful actions which take unneeded money from the tax payers; University professors and administrators who misuse their positions to the costs of students, their families and other citizens; Enron-type executives; Drunken or reckless drivers who increase our insurance rates; Drug users whose related thefts are often forgotten; Illegal immigrants who poof up, at a disproportional rate, our criminal justice and public health costs; Prostitutes who cost us in health and social service tax monies; And, all other like criminals.

Perhaps, such thiefs should be punished as murderers when the sum of their thefts reaches the average life-time income of the workers in the USA.

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