Monday, March 20, 2006

"Discrimination" & Freedom

Perhaps I am out of touch with these times; But, I was raised with the lesson that "discrimination" meant making choices and, in fact, the best choices between what was good and what was not-good. I was taught to choose between: Good food and bad; Literature and trash waste of ink and paper; Constructive order and destructive disorder or chaos; Those moral and cultural values (And cultures) which support ordered and productive civilization VS. those which do the opposite; Between good rational thought and bad thinking habits; G ood emotions and sick ones; Freedom and slavery (Within or to self or to others); AND, all those other choices which are made OR should be made every day by both individuals and collectives of persons.

I see no reasons why I should not "discriminate" against: That part of "Black culture" represented by disproportionate murder, rape, robbery and other crimes AND such "music" as "ganstra rap" and such concepts that acedemic effort is "thinking "White"; Islam as a 1400-year old criminal and terrorist ideology (NOT a religion) based on the power of murder, revenge, rape, genocide, the destruction of civilization and real cultures and all the other horrors that it has brought to the world and still, to this day, still inflicts on humanity; And, its civilization destroying cousin "secular humanism" which uses "more legal" means to the same ends.

I see no reason I should not "discriminate" in favor of Western Civilization (Which has brought more scientific, engineering, philosophical, artistic and like progress than all other cultures) and of its prime and underlying force, Christianity and, more specially, the Catholic and Orthodox Churches and Peoples.

Most of all, I support to freedom to make such "discrimintions" against all of the "political correctness" limiting it in our world---Especially in the now self-destructive and once civilized area of Western Europe.

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MonicaR said...

They're not being taught that western civilization is good anymore. Our kids are not being taught that there is a right and wrong, a good and bad. Not in the public school system, anyway.

If I EVER get over this nasty flu I will be doing another entry on another of Cubed's excellent essays about education in America. She addresses ALL of the things that you have brought up. If you get a chance - go to my 'Education in America' entry and click over to Cubed's essays. They are really great.