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The True Face Of Islam




















This paper is intended to present some points-of-view, as to “islam”; Viewpoints which have been ignored or kept out of the public's eye---Especially by the “politically correct” conflict avoiders who control what “truths” are made known to the readers of newspapers, text books and magazines, as well as the speeches and acts of oil-driven politicians and diplomats as well as pathologically pacifist religious leaders---All of whom wish to condemn us to repeat history by ignoring the bitter lessons of the past.

Although “islam” will be the core of this paper, Christianity, crusades, crusaders, true civilization and like subjects will also be noted.


For those who wish to “cross check” the contents and positions of this paper, I suggest the study of at least three of the following works, given in no special order of preference.

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    ; Regnery Publishing, Inc.; Washington, D.C.; 2003; This work is of special interest as it notes not only the history of “islamic” violence; But, specially lists the many places where such organized, anti-Christian and anti-Civilization violence is still or very recently been in place, such as: Algeria; Ambon; Chechnya; Egypt; Kashmir; Mindanao; And, The Sudan; And,

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    (If you have to read only one book on Islam---THIS IS IT !)


Within this text I have used quotation marks and lower case letters to denote such words as “islam” and “muslim” to stress the point that “islam” means surrender to the will of God (Allah)---But only as “muslims” choose to interpret it, which includes the premise that Allah commands that “islam” either converts the whole world or subjugates all peoples to it. I refuse to allow the enemies of Christianity and all true civilizations to have even that advantage-of-terminology.


Certainly not! I am too old and tired to hate. As a Christian, I am commanded to love. Also, I have found that hate dulls the mind and, in terms of any conflict, gives enemies an advantage.

HOWEVER, the command to love does not require me to lie about enemies or to minimize their danger to myself or others. Most importantly, it does not require me to allow enemies to hurt me or my family or my neighbors or my nation or my civilization.

I will “turn the cheek” as to insults or even such gross insults as a slap to the face. I will not allow any enemies to kill or severely injure me or mine!


Islam” is not really a religion. It is an older, larger and much more dangerous criminal organization than the Mafia or Cosa Nostra or any of the Columbian or Mexican drug cartels or the Jamaican “posses” or any of the Chinese Triads or any like associations, past or present.

What evidence do we have to support that position? There is a stated plan, in the Koran and the Hadith (The sayings of Mohamed) commanding or supporting the use of force in the taking of others' property, the sexual use (Rape) of female captives, the theft of entire nations and destruction of cultures---And, the murder of anyone who opposes “islam” or leaves “islam” or , by extension, “insults” the Koran or Mohamed. That pattern of criminal behaviors is well documented in the 1400-plus history of “islam”.

The critic may state that “muslims” have rites and religious practices. My response is that the Mafia and Triads also have those and that does not make them less criminal.

[As a related issue, property does represent human life. That is, property represents that part of any person's life expended in earning any property. The use of force or other unlawful means to deprive someone of what is lawfully theirs means that a part of their life has been taken from them. In effect: “Every theft is a little murder”. (This quote is from a work of fiction, the title of which I cannot remember.)]

Such thefts and other criminal assaults, as noted above in the history of “islam” and anywhere more generally, may be resisted with such force (Including deadly force) as is necessary to prevent such crimes or even to recover unlawfully seized property. (Please see The Catholic Encyclopedia at <> .)

The crimes of kidnapping and hostage taking are condemned by the Church, which crimes are common in Jihad and other forms of “islamic” violence---Even to this day in such places as The Sudan. As kidnapped persons or hostages have a high probability of being murdered or tortured or maimed or raped, such crimes may be morally resisted by such (Even deadly) force needed to stop such crimes.

From a civil and criminal law point-of-view, in the United States of America, “islam” meets all of the standards for prosecution, as a “criminal organization”, under the RICO statutes. Any “muslim” who commits any criminal action, in the name of “islam”, can be considered to be continuing a 1400-plus year pattern of criminal conspiracy and activity and punished accordingly, in addition to any penalties imposed for the underlying crimes.

Any citizen or resident of the USA wronged by such actions can and should sue and ask for triple damages. Such actions could also be brought against anyone (e.g. Immans who preach in favor of jihad and the mosques to which they belong or at which they spew out their incitement to criminal activities; Certain “islamic” governments which allow such actions and support them).


On July 4, 2002, Mr. Mohamed Hassan Hadayet, an Egyptian national and loyal follower of Mohamed and the Koran left his apartment and went to the Los Angeles airport were he used two handguns to murder two innocent bystanders. An El Al Airlines security guard killed Mr. Hadayet before he could use his four additional magazines of ammunition to murder others.

At that time and thereafter, the investigating officials declared themselves “clueless” as to why Mr. Hadayet committed those murders. This, even though that “islamic” criminal left, posted on his apartment's door, a note which read: “Read the Koran”! (Where such officials really “clueless” or were they: Ignorant of what is in the Koran; Or, driven by “political correctness”; Or, directed by oil motivated politicians?)

Today's educated person should read the Koran and carefully note (After filtering out the “smokescreen” of God-praising statements) that the Koran is a clear work of hate literature, a plan for world conquest and an instruction book on providing a religious cover for theft, rape and murder.

In nations where such literature in not protected by “free speech laws”, the Koran could be banned (As are certain Nazi writings are in Germany).

Mr. Hadayet provided a very clear example of the effects of the Koran on individual “muslims”, who are not a part of any organized terrorist group and why the Koran is, by itself, dangerous to civilization and humanity.


It strongly appears that “muslims” consider the Koran the absolute and unchangeable word of God and consider any criticism of it, in whole or in part, as an “attack against islam” and an offense worthy of the death penalty.

Please see the CONCLUSIONS section of this paper for further comments on this issue.


THE NUREMBERG STANDARDS: At the end of World War II a considerable number of Nazis were brought to trial at Nuremberg and other places and charged with various “war crimes”, of which the following are paraphrased examples:

      1. They conspired, by a common plan, to seize unlimited power and to commit
        further crimes;

      2. They broke international treaties and waged aggressive war resulting in a world war;

      3. They initiated a horrible blood bath and ordered or permitted mass murder, tortures, slave labor and economic exploitation; And,

      4. They committed crimes against humanity by persecuting political opponents, racial and religious minorities and made themselves responsible for the murder and destruction of whole groups of populations (Underlining mine).

CONSPIRACY: The plan for world domination, conquest, etc. , as set down by Mohamed for all “muslims” and for all time, is contained within the Koran and the Hadith (The collected sayings of Mohamed) for anyone to read. This is roughly equivalent to Hitler's Mein Kampf and the other writings and speeches of that monster as the plan for Nazi conquest of the world.

The plan for unlimited political power is noted, below, in the NO SEPERATION... section of this paper; But, is clearly that only a “muslim” government and ruler, loyal to the teachings of Mohamed, are valid. The plans for other crimes deal with the forced taking of property, women and the subjection or murder of all who do not hold to that position are also contained in the noted “islamic” works and further “islamic” interpretations of them.

WAGING AGGRESSIVE WAR: Ever since Mohammed's forces left Arabia (Where they fought a civil war) such armies began and continued to this day aggressive war after aggressive war against both Christian and other nations in the Middle East, Europe, Africa and Asia. Some naval intrusions went as far as Ireland. These wars continue today in such places as the Sudan where the “islamic” forces of the North wage Jihad against the Christians and others in the South of that land---With attendant murder, rape and pillage, the common sign of such “islamic” wars of aggression. Of late, such “islamic” campaigns have been against the Peoples of the Philippines, the Christian minorities in all “islamic” countries and in the United States.

[It is not necessary to have any central “muslim” government waging war (i.e. Jihad) against others as the Koran sets the demands for such actions, for every “believer”, and justifies any means for them. We may, therefore, reasonable predict that, as long as any person (Such as the above-noted Mr. Hadayet) believes that the commands of the Koran are binding for all time, Jihad (As individual or collective acts of aggression and violence) may occur at any time and any place.]

The enslavement, by “islamic” forces, began with “islam's” initial departure from Arabia and has continued, to this day, in all “islamic” campaigns against others. Much of this enslavement has and is that resulting in the sexual abuse of captives or in making “child soldiers” out of very young, male, captives. The “muslim” turks imposed a tax of boys, from non-”muslim” communities, to serve as troops (Janissaries).

CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY: No “political opposition” is allowed in truly “islamic”nations was or is allowed as such is not in agreement with the Koran. (Please see “NO SEPERATION ...” below.) Christians and Jews were allowed to physically survive and maintain a severely edited form of their cultures if, and only if, they put themselves in a state of dhimmitude or submission to the local “islamic” ruler. Pagans were given the one time choice of convert or die. Under both conditions, “islam” destroyed whole cultures or, cancer like, converted them to something else.

WAR CRIMINAL STATUS: If Mohamed had been alive in 1945 and in the custody of the four Western powers, he would have qualified for trial as a war criminal. The same potential and status applies to all “muslim” rulers and leaders who followed the Koran in attacking other lands and peoples.


At this place it is proper to discuss the western concept of “truce” vs. the Arabic concept of “Hudna”; Both referring to the temporary stopping of overt, physical conflict.

Within the Western “truce” the has always been the implication that such will lead to a long term peace, often based on negotiations and an expectation that the spirit of “truce” will be more important than the letter of a truce agreement. In Western tradition, any truce violations will be considered in proportion to their seriousness, with a reluctance to totally cancel the “truce” for minor reasons.

Within (At least, Arab) “islam”, the term “hudna” implies only a period for regeneration of powers so that the stalled conflict may be again pursued with renewed vigor. Any, no matter how slight, violation of “hudna” is considered sufficient to allow resumption of hostilities at the convenience of the aggressor'. Mohamed himself, in his feud with the Quraysh clan set the pattern of this use of “hudna” as a tactical ploy. (See, “Hudna With Hammas”, in Honest Reporting.)


It is important to here note that, in the ideal “islamic” state, there is no separation between religious and civil authority. In such a state the law is only “islamic” law, the ruler is appointed by Allah, there is no room for public debate or democracy or the rights of religious minorities and no room for any other “perversions” as the political or social equality of women.

Within the “islamic” mind, the only proper ruler must be a declared “muslim”. The most psychotic, sociopathic, sadistic, unjust, greedy and murderous ruler (Does that remind you of someone?) must be a declared “muslim”and is to be preferred to any “non-muslim” ruler, no matter how just, reasonable, fair, generous and merciful that “unbeliever” may be.


The Koran views slavery as a “permanent fact of human existence” and “explicitly guarantees Muslims the right to own slaves” (See “Islam's Wretched Record On Slavery”; Front Page Magazine; 11-10-02; By Mr. Serge Trifkovich), In that article Mr. Trifkovich gives further evidence of he horrors of slavery in general, but especially as to the length of such slavery by “muslims”, the working-to-death or castration of most such slaves. (Unlike the USA or Brazil or other places where the descendants of slaves are form a great part of the populations, the lack of such descendants in Arab nations, along with the record of Arab enslavement of Blacks, support the fact that such slaves were not allowed to breed, it being “more economical” to enslave work ready adults.)


There are those, both “muslim” and others, who maintain that “islam” is a religion of peace (And of justice). Such persons should be made to clearly, on a “yes or no” basis, respond to the following questions, before a video camera, with the knowledge that their responses (And name, home address and work address) will be broadcast to the “muslim” and other publics.

  1. Are you a believing “muslim”

  2. Do you believe that the Koran contains only the words of Allah (God)?

  3. Do you believe that Mohamed was the last true prophet of Allah (God)?

  4. Do you believe that the Hadith contains the saying of that Mohamed and are true and valid instructions to his followers?

  5. Do you condemn those parts of the Koran and Hadith which allow or command the killing of any person who elects to no longer be a “muslim” OR those which allow or command the killing of any person who “insults” Mohamed or the Koran?

  6. Do you condemn those parts of those works which allow or command the waging of aggressive military or physical jihad (War) against those who do not follow the teachings of Mohamed?

  7. Do you condemn those parts of those works which allow the enslavement of others or the sexual use of female captives?

  8. Do you condemn those parts of the Koran and the Hadith which deny equal legal, political, taxation and social rights to those who are not “muslims” and all women?

  9. Do you condemn those parts of the Koran and the Hadith which insult other religious beliefs?

Any person who cannot respond, under the conditions noted above, with a “clear and convincing YES” to questions five through nine above must, therefore, deny that “islam” is a “religion of peace” and, for that matter, a “religion of justice”.


WHO IS A CRUSADER? A crusader is any person who defends, by physical force if necessary, the Christian Churches (And, their daughter, true civilization) from evil assaults which are in violation of essential individual and collective rights to life, limb, bodily safety and such property as is earned by physical or mental labor---As well as such less tangible rights as “freedom of religion”. “freedom (Not license) of speech”, “freedom of such political choices as do not detract from basic human rights”, etc,. Crusaders are permitted to use such force as is necessary to do so and to punish such violators where the usual civil authorities cannot or will not do so.

WHAT ARE CRUSADES: In the area of the civilization vs. “islam” the early crusades were efforts to regain lands and peoples unlawfully taken by “islamic” aggressive wars and criminal activities. For reasons noted below, those first crusades were not successful.

Later crusades were successful in: The retaking of Spain and Portugal from the Moors; The liberation of Greece; The freeing of most of the Balkans and Hungary; The French turning back of a Moorish invasion (When the French still recognized the danger of such intrusions and had the courage to resist them); The resistance to “islamic” invasions in Italy and Sicily; The destruction of major “islamic” naval force in the Mediterranean at the battle of Lepento; And, the turning back of Turkish-”islamic” invasions by Poles, Lithuanians and Germans in Eastern Europe and at the gates of Vienna.

In much more recent times, the “Crusade In Europe” defended civilization (Jewish, Christian and other) from the horrors of Nazi rule in an extended conflict (Where Arab religious leaders took the part of the Nazi forces).

CRUSADERS' ERRORS: There is little doubt that some medieval crusaders lost sight of the noble basis for their vocation and let greed, land-hunger and other like faults diminish them and their place in the world and in history. However, in our Christian and Western-Civilization (Present and with 20/20 hindsight) we can look back on such errors, know them to be wrong or shameful and apologize for our errors.

In Iraq, we did not wait long to begin the punishment of the few there who violated the purity of our crusade by abusing prisoners.

Muslims” do not, for the most part, make any apologies for the excesses of persons on jihad. Some, in fact, celebrate the killing of innocent men, women and children (Note the dancing in the streets of “muslim” cities upon those horrid little people hearing the news of the 9-11 mass murders).

IN SHORT: The word “crusade” is not a dirty word; And, crusaders are “the good guys”!


SOME VERY POOR GOSPEL EXAMPLES: Some pacifists, often Christian, use Christ's command to Saint Peter (?) to “put up his sword” and, to all his followers, to “turn the other cheek upon receiving a slap to the face”, to justify their positions of non-resistance to evil, general pacifism and trying to “talk out problems” with “muslims”, Nazis and others who have a commitment to evil, aggressive war and other like violations of human rights. They also claim that the relevant command is: “Thou shall not kill”. Those are all very incorrect and misleading examples.

First, Christ's commandment to Peter was case-specific as, according to Christian belief, Christ's arrest, persecution, crucifixion, death and resurrection were all necessary for the salvation of humanity. These were no more general instructions to His followers than the, from the cross, instructions to Saint John and Mary.

Secondly, the “blow to the face” noted by Christ was, in his time and more recently, a “deadly insult” which was normally expected to result in a very physical response. (From the point of view of history, it has not been so many years in Western lands, including the USA, when such a blow would have resulted in the concerned “gentlemen” facing each other, at ten paces, with pistols in their hands.) Even today, such a gross insult will, in many places, result in a violent, even homicidal, response. However, Christ recognized that an insult is not enough to warrant violence. Christ did not command his followers to allow themselves to be murdered or raped or forcibly converted to some other religion. In fact, if you wish to read Christ's last general commands or “marching orders” to his followers, who were about to go forth into a hostile world, read: Luke 22; Verses 35 through 38. In those final, general, orders, Christ commands that his followers obtains swords (The ultimate weapon of self-defense, the AK-47, of that time) even if they have to sell their clothes to do so.

Lastly, I have had it from two Rabbis and from Christian scholars, that the commandment should be translated as: “Thou shall not murder”. Killing, incidental to self-defense and the defense of other humans, of civilization and of the Faith, is not forbidden. Hate is forbidden.

SELF-DEFENSE PROPER: In fact, we have a right and duty to protect ourselves and others (Family, friends, neighbors, our fellow citizens, any innocent stranger, etc.) from criminal aggression of an individual or national or international (e,g, From jihadists) nature. [As a side issue, we have the natural right to have the means (Weapons) to do so when civil authorities fail to provide clear, present and immediate prevention of such aggression.]

THE SOLDIER'S ROLE: Those pathological pacifists who throw Bible verses about, in defense of their positions on resisting evil, should remember who it was that Christ praised as having “...greater faith than anyone in Israel”. That person was a Centurion, a man-of-war used to both commanding and being commanded and, most certainly, no stranger to killing in the line of duty. They should also remember St. John The Baptist's advise to soldiers, not being to quit their profession but to not extort from others.

SPECIFICALLY AS TO “ISLAM”: That pseudo-religion, “islam” has clearly demonstrated its aggressive use of force, for the last 1400-plus years to commit the various crimes noted above.
Therefore, we are lawfully and morally allowed and required to use such force as is necessary to both protect ourselves and those we are duty-bound to protect and are allowed, by the same standards, to use such force as is necessary to regain what was lost to such illicit action.

Such protection may include the use of “preemptive strikes” to prevent such attacks when there is reasonable expectation that such actions would be of a preventative nature. That is, it is not necessary to allow someone threatening you with a drawn sword at your neck before cutting that aggressor down.

Since all “believing muslims” (i.e. Those who will not deny the evil parts of the Koran) may be expected, at some time or another in any place in the world, to become involved in jihad attacks against innocent persons, it is reasonable to take such measures as are morally allowable to prevent such attacks.

PIRATES, BANDITS AND JIHADISTS: International law has, for some hundreds of years, allowed any party to kill, without any great “due process of law”, any pirate or bandit caught in the act and under arms. I see no reason not to apply the same principle to “islamic” jihadists and all other terrorists---Especially those found with weapons of mass destruction (Nuclear, biological and nerve-gases) or after some sort of public announcement in any given area, armed with crew-served weapons, high-explosives, ground-to-air missiles, rocket propelled grenades and the like.

Most certainly, I see no justification to extend, to such terrorists, any rights under the “Geneva Convention” or any like “rules of war”!

A “MUSLIM” MINORITY VIEW: There is a very small group of persons,

self-identified as “Muslims” who hold very different views of “Islam” in the modern world. Please go to <> for further details.


PAST, PRESENT AND PROBABLE FUTURE: Unless certain and unexpected changes are made among the great majority of “muslims” (Please see below), I see no end to the 1400-plus year cycle of jihad, hudna and resurgent jihad rising out of any “islamic” community, at any time and at any place in the world. This is most likely where “muslims” form a large part of the population (e.g. The Sudan).

JIHAD BY INFLITRATION: It appears that we are in a period when overt military jihad is again active. But, this is less of a danger to Western Civilization than the infiltration of Western nations by ever larger “muslim” populations who (Unlike the immigrants who settled the USA and those, in other nations such as France which became integrated with the laws, mores and customs of their adopting nations) consider themselves above the laws of such host nations and have shown little, if any, willingness to integrate. ( Even the Jews, with their separateness of religion, have become “good Americans” or “good Frenchmen”.) For the most part, “muslims” will not and, if faithful to the Koran, can not do so. In the United Kingdom, “muslims” are now demanding that their laws take precedent over the Common Law. In France (Where they form a very strong minority of at least 5,000,000), they do not join in in becoming French and so consider themselves apart from and above the law that they have done such acts of resistance as burning down a court house in which one of their community was found guilty of a very serious, assaultive, crime and sentenced to prison.

In the USA it appears that “muslims” (Perhaps due to Arab control of major oil resources) have inflicted an unhealthy influence on the national government.

What is to be done? I suggest the Spanish-1492 solution of expelling all “muslims” who cannot or will not fully and very publicly commit themselves to the supremacy of the laws of their host nations and who will not likewise deny the evil parts of the Koran and Hadith. Such as cannot or will not do so have obtained citizenship by fraud and have no rights to such membership in the community of any civilized land.

THE ONLY ROUTE TO PEACE: There is really only one route to peace between the followers of Mohamed and the rest of the world. That is for each and every “muslim” and every community of such persons to: Publicly, strongly and permanently denounce, reject and deny those parts of the Koran and Hadith which allow, recommend or command aggressive war, the sexual or other enslavement of others, the limiting of rights (Political, economic and social) to non-”muslims” and all women, the murder of anyone who voluntarily leaves “islam” or criticizes Mohamed or the Koran and the forced taking, in the name of “islam” of the property (Physical, cultural and intellectual) of others; And, renouncing all claims on lands once under “islamic” rule, but since retaken by other peoples.[Of course and under present conditions, any person who did so would be liable for “execution” and any community which did so would likely be exterminated.]

RESPONCES TO TERRORISTS: All terrorist individuals and groups should be crushed in the most effective, calm, and efficient manner possible (Without falling into the error of hatefulness) for the common good of all humanity.

The age of compromise ended with the failure of Chamberlain to find “peace with honor” in his dealings with Hitler and his Nazi terrorists and the negotiations with Imperial Japan up to December 7, 1941.

Unless “muslims” take the route to peace noted above, I see little in the future but the ongoing cycle of jihad, hudna and more jihad along with an ongoing and, possibly always ongoing, need to crush such outbreaks.

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