Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Catholic Church & Civilization: A Book Review

Woods, Thomas E. Jr. PHD
How The Catholic Church BUILT Western Civilization
Regnery Publishing, Inc.; Washington, DC, USA; 2005
ISBN 0-89526-038-7

This most excellent work presents an insistent and compelling defense of the arguments that: Western and Christian civilization is the only source of scientific and other forms of creativity in our world and its history; The monks, administration and schools and universities of the Catholic Church preserved the best of Greek and Roman thought AND developed them beyond their original static nature to an extent never equaled or even approached by other cultures or traditions of learning; The Church itself (In its support of the scientific method, use of Church resources, the scientific learning and contributions of its clergy, its support and honoring of such as Galileo, whose “fall out” with some Church authorities was only a small part of his support by most of them,) was basic, instrumental and not to be equaled by any other organization in founding and maintaining the very superior science of the West; And, that international law, the development of the arts (As opposed to mere crafts), economics and true charity all have their roots and development well established in the history and teachings of the Catholic Church and its leaders, clergy and members.

Although my book budget usually requires me to await my public library's acquisition of books, I did rush out and buy this volume—And, was glad that I did so! I suggest that you do the same.

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