Friday, January 06, 2006

Some Maxims


1. Justice delayed is justice denied---This applies specially to the victims of

2. A gun in the pocket is worth two-to-twenty cops in the donut shop.

3. Although there are "moderate" and peace loving Muslims, Islam is NEITHER
peacefull NOR moderate---And, any Muslim may, at any time, "revert" to the
orginial, at Medina, hateful teachings of that desert bandit, thief and sexual
predator, Mohammed.

4. Never take a knife to a gun fight. However, if all you have is a knife, keep it very,
very, sharp and use it without display or other warning to protect youself or
your family or fellow citizens or property.

5. As to self-defense (Which includes defense of others) always plead "NOT Guilty" and remember it is better to be tried by 12 of your fellow citizens than to be carried by six of your family or friends.


Mr Q said...

Is this what I will become in 25 years?!
I would not mind it at all ;-)

Fidei Defensor said...

So what do you think is the greater threat to Western (Catholic based) Civilization, Islam or Militant culture of death secularism?

The way I see it, its the later, we have aborted more of our own than killers like Stalin and Hitler could have ever dreamed of, to say nothing of Bin Laden.

Civilizations don't get killed, they commit suicide.

Anyway interesting blog I look forward to reading future posts!

PS-Have you seen Ridley Scott's take on the Crusades in Kingdom of Heaven?