Wednesday, November 06, 2019

Mexico, Liquidation Of Cartels, Weapons & Sovereignty

1. The USA recently "took out" a dangerous terrorist (Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi) in opposition to certain foreign governments who resisted or might resist that beneficial action. That animal murdered or had murdered, perhaps, some hundreds of our fellow Americans.

The drug cartel critters murder, at a war-time level, many Americans by their transport (Under the cover of illegal immigrants) very dangerous drugs into the USA. They also murder, on a more retail basis, some American citizens AND thousands of Mexican citizens.

It is most certainly the case that the government of Mexico ONLY goes through the motions of attacking the "Drug Cartels" who, in fact, rule the failed state of Mexico. THAT FACT REMOVES FROM THAT GOVERNMENT ANY DEFENSE AGAINST THE USA "LIQUIDATING" THE LEADERS AND "SOLDIERS" OF THOSE TERRORIST ORGANIZATIONS.

If the USA can "take out" the lesser terrorist al-Baghdadi, I see no reason why our, still functioning, government cannot do the same for the cartel's personnel.

Since we know, or should know, where those terrorists are concentrated and the location of their "factories", I see no reason that "Cruise Missiles" cannot be sent against all of those places on the same "Time On Target" basis.

NOTA BENE: I have put my life at risk through dangerous military and (Paid
and unpaid) civilian service as both directed at protecting my fellow Americans
from evil men.

2. Mexico has intensely strict laws which do, in fact, prevent law-abiding citizens from "keeping and bearing arms". [In the USA that is the goal of the leaders (sic) of the Democrat-Socialist-Fascist Party.] However, those good people have been AND are at the non-existent mercy of corrupt police/military, drug cartels and other criminals.
      Mexico has a reported rate of murders now at 93 each day. However, there are frequent discoveries of the burials of real mass murders (ie Not over five in one incident as in the USA but tens or hundreds in single events). I doubt that any real part of those death pits have been discovered.

3. For many years Mexican officials and others have claimed that any action
[eg Against murderous criminals in Mexico; Young thugs South of our border with Mexico attacking our citizen with deadly weapons (Thrown rocks which can kill or maim)] is a violation of that semi-nation's "Sovereignty".
      They (And too many in the USA) forget that "sovereignty" requires and demands the rule-of-law being actively pursued with as much force as is necessary to suppress banditry and like mass crimes.
       In October, one of El Chapo's sons, Ovidio Guzmán López, was freed on the orders of the Mexican government after Sinaloa cartel gunmen flooded the city of Culiacán and surrounded security forces to press for their boss's release.
        This is only one example of Mexico's surrender of its "sovereignty" in those lawless states just South of our Southern border. That makes those places and the
criminal-monsters there open to the punitive action of the USA's military forces or, in fact, anyone else (eg Unorganized militias).

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