Sunday, August 06, 2017

50--Years After "Freedom Marches"

It has been 50-years since the "Freedom Marches" in Milwaukee and other places. What have those marches and resultant actions earned all of us--Black and White.

1. A many times higher Black-on-Black murder rate (Which would be even higher except for the skills bloodily earned by the staffs of the "knife-and-gun clubs" at our local hospitals) and other like, intra-racial (And those against Whites selected out, by race, by Black thugs as supported by such terrorists as the supporters of "BlackLies Matter"), violent crimes.
2. Jails & prisons with disproportional Black populations (Isolated in accordance with  our democratically-enacted laws), utilizing moneys better spent on education, county parks and public health
3. Much worse levels of education among Black children;
4. A skyrocketing level of children born out of wedlock, and born to other Black children.
5. White flight.
6. An influx of hard working, but illegal, immigrants who are taking-stealing the entry level jobs needed by all of our own poor.
7. "Black leaders" as typified by the very rich Jessie Jackson and the lying Al Sharpton rather than such as Dr. Martin L. King, Jr..
Oh yes--We should be dancing with joy for the effects of those 50-years!

In a pig's eye! 

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