Saturday, July 01, 2017

Suppress "Outcome Discrimination"!

"Outcome discrimination" is a "standard" maintained by some bureaucratic agencies and courts that holds that there is, for example, racial discrimination if any "class" is not represented in some employment/academic group in proportion to their part of the general population---Without regard to their part of the pool/population of those qualified for the contested employment or matriculation.

I am now campaigning against such "outcome discrimination" as excludes: Citizens of Puerto Rico in the NBA and NFL; Samoans from roles in classical ballet companies;  Those of Asian and White ancestry from management positions in the NAACP; And, political conservatives from (Tenured) university/college teaching positions.


Concerned HUMAN BEING said...

Slavery was historically a governmental and bureautical standard.....that doesn't mean it was or is acceptable!!! It's sad that the ONLY way to get some semi-retired is to use these racial standards created by people as ignorant and racist as yourself!

James Pawlak said...

Do not forget that the Americas' Black slaves were sold into that state by other Blacks. In other words, they were losers then and such critters as the above still are.