Friday, July 14, 2017

Poland, Islam & Western Civilization

After President Trump's speech, in Poland, some noted the history of the courage Poles demonstrated during the horrors of Nazi and Soviet rule.

Such persons are very "near sighted" and ignorant of history or avoiding it to maintain a position of "political correctness" regarding Islam.

If, and only if, those persons were aware-of or honest-about the history of Poland, they would note:
1.  During the 1600s the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth beat back two (Tartar and Ottoman) Islamic invasions on their Eastern frontier at a great cost in blood and treasure;
2. That defense prevented the Germanys and Nordic nations from the horrors of Jihad and the greater tyranny of Muslim rule (As experienced by Greece, Hungary and other nations); And,
3. On September 11-12, 1683 a force led by the Polish king drove the Islamic Turks from the walls of Vienna and further protected the heartland of Europe.

Now, much of Europe (Lacking the racial/national memory of Poles, Hungarians and others) allowed and, perhaps, encouraged the new-style, Muslim, invasions which has brought to Germany, France, Belgium, Sweden and Norway the usual "gifts" of Islam---Murder, rape and destruction of national wealth.

Now, the EU wishes to punish Poland for resisting the new Jihad of Muslim invasion-by-immigration which has protected Poland's citizens from the above-cited horrors.

It would be best for the USA to support AND follow Poland's example.

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