Friday, November 11, 2016

18-21 Year Old Citizens & Guns

At 78-years I am more than confused than is usual by the following.
1. Those 18-years (***) of age are : Are able to vote; Manage their own financial and personal affairs; If males, are liable to The Draft; Are automatically liable to criminal prosecution (Some at earlier ages) if accused of crimes; And, can enter into and be held responsible-for civil contracts.
2. Yet, they and others under 21-years of age are not allowed to purchase hand-guns or, were otherwise allowed, to obtain a permit/licence to carry concealed weapons.
3. Why do legislators, university officials and other officials AND judges fail to understand that the Founders of our Republic meant exactly what they stated when they included the "Shall Not Be Infringed" clause in the Second Amendment to our nation's Constitution?
4. From where is the legal authority for public university authorities to limit and infringe-upon citizens (***), both under and over 21-years old, full rights under The Bill Of Rights to keep and bear arms on university properties?
5. If some student or other persons disarms themselves in obedience to such public OR private school restrictions and is then murdered or injured for wont of such arms as would otherwise, allow effective-and-immediate self-defense, is that university liable for real (And punitive?) damages[If a state school, does that "violation of civil rights under color of law" negate any legal protections, under some "Sovereign Immunity" rule",  against such damages?

*** Properly excluded from such rights are those who have been found, but only by a court-of-law and only after full "due process-of-law", who: To be felons who lose such rights for such periods-of-time as prescribed by laws; Those found mentally incompetent to manage their affairs; And, specially, those who have been found too dangerously mentally ill to "keep and bear arms".

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