Friday, October 28, 2016

Self-Defense Protocols

When an innocent person believes that s/he is in a clear and present danger of death or great bodily harm from some criminal attacker one or more of the below protocols should be applied.
    1. From the FBI---"Two to the chest and one to the head”; OR,
    2.  From the SEALS/SAS---"A double tap to the head"; OR,
    3. From the "Old Sarge"---"Four inches with the point and twist the blade, REPEAT"; Or,
    4. From other sources--- "An intense strike to the temple, spine or "Adam’s Apple" with a heavy cane OR use of the point of a cane or umbrella or “teacher’s pointer” to the throat, groin, eyes or male genitals---Followed by a disabling/killing thrust to the base of the  throat or  skull or spine; Or,
    5. Any of the common cuts in kenjitsu.

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