Tuesday, October 04, 2016

Climate Change---Some Questions

I have no doubts but that there have been many "Climate Change" cycles, some involving "Global Warming" over the history of our World. The current warm part of the last such warming may be ongoing OR may have been retarding for the last 12-Plus years. I do doubt that human activities have had a meaningful impact on any warming compared to such factors as: Sunspot variations; Changes in the Earth's orbit or angle; Volcanic eruptions; And, other factors beyond human activities. The following questions address that doubt.
1. Are you familiar with the term "1815 And Froze To Death" as refers to a "Mini-Ice Age" as appears to be the effect of one large volcanic eruption? [You might consider the possible-to probable impact (A self-sustaining and full Ice Age) of four-plus such and concurrent eruptions.
2. What caused the  "Medieval Warm Period"  as began and continued in a very pre-industrial period?
3. What caused the end of our last, major, Ice Age when there were a only a few thousands of, pre-industrial,humans living?
4. What caused the end of the penultimate Ice Age when there were no humans about our world?
5. Do you have any scientific ["Valid & Reliable", "With A High Level Of Confidence" and independently validated by those "with no ax to grind" (Which excludes those who have inflicted faked data on the world)] as supports any meaningful "Global Warming" directly attributable to human activities?
6. Have you prescribed "solutions" to a medical problem which are based on false premises? 

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