Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Obama's Insult To Police Officers & Truth

 On July 13, 2016 my local newspaper printed a story (From the AP and Dallas Morning News) headed "Obama honors Dallas officers". In that story he noted the recent "police shootings" of two Black men.

One of those was Mr. Alton Stirling and that event in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. That person: Was reported, by citizens, as threatening them and being armed with a pistol; He is a convicted felon who, by possession of that pistol (Apparently without a pardon and special permission) was another felony; Upon the arrival of uniformed police officers, Mr. Stirling refused their lawful orders; He was not disabled by those officer's non-lethal use of a "Stun Gun" (Which leads to the question: "Was he under the influence of PCP or some other, like, illegal drug?".); Thereafter, he continued to physically resist those officers who were attempting to restrain him by non-lethal physical force; And, was shot to death when attempting to reach his pistol.

Mr. Obama's citing of that dangerous thug is a repeat of his "rush to judgement" in the case of Missouri's Michael Brown where, despite his efforts, a Grand Jury unusually refused to indict the "clean record" police officer. Thereafter (As far as I know) no finding of guilt or liability was had in a court-of-law.

Mr. Obama's mention of this case was an insult to the assassinated officers who were slaughtered by a racist terrorist. That creature was no better than those KKK members whose murders were also racist.

The Minnesota case is less clear and may be resolved only in  court and that according to real evidence (eg Mr. Castile "matched" a police radio description of an armed robbery suspect).

It would have been better journalism for that newspaper or the noted news/propaganda sources to remind all of the above facts and Obama's insult.


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