Monday, July 18, 2016

GOP Convention Disorder As A Virture

After viewing the floor at today's Republican convention and listening to various comments I was very much reminded of my earlier comment: I AM NOT A MEMBER OF AN ORGANIZED POLITICAL PARTY, I BELONG TO THE GOP!”.

Yet, I think that democracy-based disorder far superior to those Parties as require their members and subjects to strictly obey the “Party Line”. Such Parties were headed by such, founded by commitment to Socialism and Atheism, leaders as Hitler, Stalin, Mao and other such “lovers of democracy”.

It, most strongly, appears that Democrats are moving towards that strict control of Party members (And those they rule) and are, more-and-more, basing policies on that same Atheism and Socialism as supported by the above-named monsters.

One of the earlier evidences of Democrat's shrinking of their “tent” was their refusal to even allow anti-abortion delegate Robert P. Casey to speak at their 1992 convention. In the days of Congressman Clement Zablocki (The last truly honest member of The Congress?) and President Harry S. Truman (The best CIC of the last century), I was a Democrat. Since those better times, the Democratic (sic) Party left me by its new basis as noted above and its attacks on all of The Bill Of Rights---Within the meaning intended by its authors.

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