Monday, September 21, 2015

Islam & The US Constitution

If, and only if, Islam was a "religion", Article-VI, Section-3 of our Constitution would preclude consideration of a citizen's status as a Muslim in his/her efforts to gain any political office--Including that of our nation's President..

1. But, Islam  NOT  a religion; But, is a criminal-terrorist movement-or-ideology not far different from the KKK or Nazi-Party (Sharing the same principles of hate-of-Jews and all real religions, use of violence and the other horrors taught in Mein Kampf and the Koran
2. Islam (Like the KKK, Mafia and the SS brand of Nazism) has had a very thin veneer of religion; The false-prophet Mohammed (Who was a murderer, liar and treaty breaker, bandit and the perverted sexual abuser of a nine-year-young girl-child) declared perpetual war (Jihad) against all "unbelievers" (Until they join Islam or abjectly accept the slave-like state some call dhimmitude), a war which has continue in our era in the Sudan, Thailand, parts of the Philippines,,Fort.Hood, New York City on "9/11, Paris (France), Nigeria, Syria, Fort Hood (Texas), other US military stations AND throughout the world.
3. Muslims are allowed or encouraged or commanded to forward that Jihad by the used of murder, rape and other sexual abuse of females and boys, genocide, torture, theft (Including the lands held by Christians for 2000-years),"tactical" lying (To  we "unbelievers"), Etc..
4. Despite very short "Golden Ages" the leaders of Islam have used every means (Including Murder) to oppose the study of science and most knowledge outside of the Koran, Hadith and a very few related texts. [However, civil engineering and the development of weapons, to support Jihad, appear to be allowed-and-encouraged.]

If you believe that you know a "Moderate Muslims" who does not support the above horrors, demand that person to very publicly  (To be audio-and-visually recorded) condemn those teachings AND (On camera) ink-out of an Arabic copy of the Koran those verses which support them or, yourself, very publicly, discredit any such person (Or, all such persons).

As the leaders of Iran and other Muslim ruled states are waging overt-or-covert war against the USA, aiding (Or, even, not opposing) them in such matters as the development of atomic weapons is a violation of Article-III, Section-3 of our Constitution and 18 US Coder 2381 as define TREASON.

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