Saturday, August 15, 2015

Do Black Lives Matter To Blacks? & Unemployment

                         "BLACK LIVES MATTER"?

From the daily "body count" it is certain that the major source of murdered Blacks is other Blacks.  [From other sources it appears likely that most of those killers and killed have criminal records OR were involved in "disputes" over control of local, illegal-drug, dealing.]

Any "Professional Black" (ie NOT Black professional) who claims the "real problem" is Whites (Especially police officer) killing Blacks should be required to answer the following questions (For some recent year as 2014/2013) BEFORE inflicting racist statements on the world.
1. How many Blacks are illegally killed by Whites/Asians?
2. How many Asians/Whites are illegally killed by Blacks?
3. How many Asians/Blacks/Whites are illegally killed by members of their own race?
4. How many Blacks were illegally-or-legally killed by police officers and that by the race of such officers? 
5. How many police officers where killed by Whites/Blacks/Asians?

Basic to the disproportional number of crimes and violent crimes committed by Blacks is the more than disproportional unemployment among Black (Youths).

                           BLACK UNEMPLOYMENT

However, basic to that fact are the following factors:
    1. The stealing of jobs by “illegals” (By entry or the neglected violations of visas issued) as enabled by the failure of our governments to enforce our existing and democratically enacted laws;
    2. The failure of a a disproportional part of Blacks to prepare themselves for jobs by study and avoiding such crimes as will exclude them from many professions and trades (As based on the too common attitude that school work and academic efforts are “White” Or Asian);
    3.The disproportional, among Blacks, desire for instant gratification as is otherwise most common among infants and criminals;
     4. The disease of pathologically projecting fault for personal/community/cultural failings towards others as so often used by race baiters; AND, 
    5. The too common  lack of such Black parents/guardians who teach, by both precept and example, the alternatives to the above faults.

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