Tuesday, August 04, 2015

Capital Punishment

The most painless forms of execution are by the Guillotine OR by putting a mid-caliber pistol bullet through the Medulla Oblongata. Although such deaths are instant and free of technical hazards common to the electric chair, gas chambers and lethal injections, they are so "messy" as to prevent their use in the USA. (To a lesser extent the same can be noted in the use of firing squads.)
        With the methods *** used in such democracies as India and Japan, scientific and long-drop hanging has been without its earlier variations to beheading or slower (Perhaps painless) strangulation.
        Those jurisdictions in which the People have democratically chosen to have capitol punishment should return to hanging.
        I write this without any judgment as to the effectiveness or ethics of capital punishment---Other than some method of determining the absolute truthfulness of witnesses would lead to my endorsement of that penalty for ALL forms of homicide and "aggravated" rape, arson and child abuse.

*** Boiling and pre-stretching of carefully selected ropes; Careful attention to the weight and neck strength of the condemned; Very careful placement the knot or ring.

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