Monday, August 25, 2014

The "Ferguson Drill": Stun Gun VS Firearm

There are those who maintain that the six shots fired into the 300-pound and illegal drug containing body of Ferguson Missouri's Michael Brown by a police officer were too many AND that the officer should have used some non-lethal alternative (ie A "stun gun").

I strongly suggest that all such persons be subjected to the following test/drill.
1. First, they must execute and make public waivers of liability for themselves, their families, their insurance providers and employer(s) such as none of them can bring any action for injuries (Including death) resulting from the drill/test described below.
2. That person is to stand, without a barricade, in the open and "armed" with only a standard (Usually one "shot") "stun gun".
3. Thirty feet  away a 300-pound 18/19-year old male youth (Perhaps provided with a medication to reduce pain) will begin a full speed charge, hands raised, at the subject and to, if he can, run over and strike down at the subject
4. Twenty-one feet from the subject there will be a marker.
5. When the charger is at/past that marker the subject may discharge the "stun gun" at the well paid "volunteer" teen-aged youth. [That paid volunteer would be provided a very large bonus if he could make any "full force" contact with the subject.]

"In lieu of flowers. . . ."

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