Monday, August 25, 2014

On Killing Michael Brown

As far as can now be determined Ferguson Missouri's Michael Brown:
1. Was legally an adult;
2. Was about 300-pounds in weight;
3. On the day of his death involved in a "Felony Robbery" as defined by the democratically passed laws of Missouri;
4. On the day of his death, was under the influence of illegal drugs;
5. Was endangering others by walking down the middle of a city street dedicated to vehicle traffic;
6. May have physically attacked and injured Officer Wilson before being shot;
7. Appears to have been charging Officer Wilson with hands raised on high as would imply the possibility/probability of preparation to strike down;
8. Was much more massive and physically powerful than Officer Wilson, even if that "clean record" officer had not been injured;
9. During that charge/attack appears to have been within 21-feet for which the Tueller Drill (About which please see on-line data) prescribes the use of deadly force to prevent injury/death to the innocent party;
10. Was struck by six bullets fired by an officer who appears to have had 13-plus rounds available to him AND, very properly, stopped shooting when Michael Brown "went down".

It may be that Officer Wilson's not placing all of his shots in "the center of body mass" was due to his injuries as already inflicted by Michael Brown.

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