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Truth, Fiction, Jefferson & The Separation Clause

         "Him and his wall of separation between church and state---such claptrap! Such a wall serves only those who want to keep God on the far side of it, so they can divide up the nation without interference." . . . "Mark my words, when a government pretends that it is the highest judge of its own actions, the results is not freedom as  Jefferson says, but chaos and oppression.  When he shuts religion out of government, when men of faith are not listened to, then all that remains is venality, posturing and ambition." (A).
        The quote provided above are from a work of fiction (A). It is a criticism of President Thomas Jefferson's views on his proposal for a  wall of separation between church and state as expressed in a private letter to one religious congregation.  Although Mr. Jefferson's views on citizens, liberty and arms agreed with those expressed by other "Founding Fathers" (B), that separation view was very different from such examples provided by George Washington's Thanksgiving Proclamation (C) and President John Adams (D on religion .
         An honest review of the History of the First Amendment provides evidence that it was intended to limit only the new national government from establishing such as State Religion as was: The Church of England in England; The "Kirk" in Scotland; The Lutheran Church is much of Europe; The Catholic Church in the balance of Western Europe; The Orthodox Churches in most of Eastern Europe, where the State Religion of Islam did not prevail, Etc.The basic proof for that position is that some of the original States maintained "official churches", in fact and in law, to as late as 1833 (E). 

       Some very famous and insightful persons (F, G & H) have noted the value of fiction (Lies?) to bring out the truth.
       One fact that is stranger than fiction is that the Supreme Court Of The United States allowed the modern mis-interpretation  of the "Separation Clause" to be written by a once active member of the KKK and special hater of the Western branch of the oldest Christian Church.
       Of course, SCOTUS has, from time-to-time, been dominated by those high priests  who like other Hierarchs, Ayatollahs and the like wish to destroy all true religions to make the Law the USA's "State

      The honest and studious citizen might reflect on some of the changes since Mr. Justice Black issued his infamous decision:  Effective destruction of the letter and spirit of the Tenth Amendment to the Constitution and diminishing of Federalism; A steady and accelerating set of attacks on the other provisions of the Bill Of Rights (Especially Articles I, II, IV, V &VI), A steady movement from reasoned liberty, to "license" to full blown perversions; A concentration of power in the Federal Executive including rule by Executive Orders and Administrative Rules rather that Acts Of Congress and the massive arming of civilian bureaucrats much more loyal to their political bosses than the still traditional loyalty of those in our Armed Forces to the Constitution.   Perhaps, the solution lies in Thomas Jefferson's better views on arms and the People (B).      

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A. Card, Orson Scott; Alvin Wandering: The Tales Of Alvan Maker IV & V; Tor Books (With  Tom Doherty Associates, Inc.); New York; 1995.
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C. George Washington's Thanksgiving Proclamation    

“Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.” (President John Adams)
"Establishment survived in New England well into the nineteenth century. Disestablishment came to Connecticut in 1818, but not until 1833 in Massachusetts. New Hampshire enacted a toleration act in 1819, but authorization for towns to support Protestant ministers remained on the books, unenforced, for the rest of the century."
F. “Its no wonder that truth is stranger than fiction. Fiction has to make sense”. (Mark Twain)
G. Fiction reveals truth that reality obscures.” (Ralph Waldo Emerson)
H. Fiction is the lie through which we tell the truth”. (Albert Camus)
I.  Post: Our Real State Religion


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