Sunday, January 13, 2013

Why Modern Arms For The People

All who study history (And all should) we should know that the purpose of the Second Amendment was to give every citizen (Each a member of the "General Militia") to have such firearms as were equal to those issued to regular, federal, soldiers. That constitutional requirement is still in effect.

If you are under the illusion that our national government is incapable of tyranny, you might consider:
1. The forced and racist removal of the Cherokee from their lands by such a dictator as President Jackson;
2. The imprisonment and other persecution of those opposed to World War-I by Democrat President Wilson;
3. The racist and forced internment of loyal Americans of Japanese decent by Democrat President F. D. Roosevelt;
4. The FBI murder of an unarmed mother, holding her infant child, at Ruby Ridge (Under the Administration of President Bush who may or may-not have known this was an FBI "Kill First & Ask Questions Later" operation);
5. The murder of unarmed women and children, by FBI & BATF thugs, under a Democrat Administration in a case where a mailed summons might have worked as well, this to prove that resistance to the Federal Government is more than willing to kill citizens to prove its power; And,
4. The ongoing violations of our democratically passed laws by Democrat B. H. Obama, some of which violations have caused many deaths in the USA and Mexico (eg "Fast & Furious").

You might also recall that the overthrow of the tyrant in Libya was possible only because the People were able to obtain real "Assault Rifles" well beyond the faux and falsely named semi-automatic rifles still allow the People of the USA. Of course, many of those armed citizens were either members of the military of Police or Military who refused to fight the People and, in fact, joined them (For which please use your search engine for "Oath Keepers") OR by killing the military, police and goon-squad supporters of that tyrant.

You might also recall that Mexico has effectively disarmed its common people, proving the maxim: "When guns are outlawed, only the police, army and other criminals will have guns". Of course, Mr. Obama's minions violated our gun sale laws to facilitate the transfer of guns to "Drug Lords".

You might note that Mr. Obama's Administration has bought many, many, assault rifles and riot guns AND excessive stockpiles of munitions for those civilian agencies (Whose loyalty is to their bosses and not, as our military, to the Constitution).

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