Sunday, May 06, 2012

Trading Blacks For Whites

There are some Americans who have suggested that we transfer the USA's "unhappy" Blacks for South African Whites, a move which would tend to increase our schools' test scores, reduce the criminal system's expenses,  Those persons propose that such could be done by: Requiring the out-goers to have an immigration visa from some other nation; Formally renounce US citizenship; Accept some  cash to leave the USA and surrender all constitutional rights if found back in the USA.   White South Africans would be given a reasonable grant to start up life here in a society which could cut back taxes and otherwise provide jobs for them after "The Trade".

For myself, I am very aware of very many Blacks who are superior to myself and most by reason of being fully civilized. These persons are unlikely to wish to leave and would hurt our nation if they did.


DMV said...

Really? There are people who still think that? It was the reason for the creation of Liberia way back when (Liberia = liberty, Monrovia = James Monroe). It was created as a place where ex-slaves could go and live.

That was 200 years ago though. Anyone who thinks that a good idea now is a neo-Nazi white supremacist. Congrats on giving them a forum for their ideas. But you're not a racist. You said so!!

James Pawlak said...

Ah---But Liberia did not have Whites of Dutch/English decent to trade off, to the benefit of the USA according to the famous Boer philosopher Jan Van Der Merwe.