Saturday, May 26, 2012

Compromise & Division

In 1938 the UK's Neville Chamberlain (Along with the leaders of other European nations) compromised with Adolf Hitler and gave up a large part of Czechoslovakia (Containing ist best defensive positions) to the Nazis, setting the stage for Hitler's greater aggressions. This compromise came at a horrid cost to the World. At first, Western Europe compromised with Mohammed and Muslims, yielding rape, slavery and perpetual war to civilization. In the 1940s we compromised with Stalin (In part to defeat Hitler, in part due to the influence of left-wingers in the USA and the cancer of "pathological pacifism") at a
greater-than-Nazi cost in suffering to the World.

There are some persons and ideologies for which compromise is not only a beginning greater suffering but is a supporting of what is wrong and inherently evil.

It most strongly appears that too many in the USA are of the opinions that "compromise" requires real republicans to bow down to the misshapen policies of the "other party" and to those in the GOP who do not recognize the evil of what such are and of insisting on a policy of "They Shall Not Pass".

[In the case of the ejection-and-rejection of Senator Lugar: That  represents a democratic choice of the People (Expressed in the secret and sacred confines of the voting booth) and an assertion of the commitment of real Republicans and Patriots to the best principles of our exceptional nation.].

What Divides The People Of The USA

  Too many are confused over the basis of that division. Here, I can help define the nature of many such differences. Many US citizens (And legal immigrants) have finally come to an understanding of the following points as "reliable and valid".
1. There is a difference between good and evil.
2. Compromise with evil is evil in itself .
3. There is a difference between knowledge and ignorance.
4. Compromise with ignorance is ignorant.
5. There is a difference between what can be, on a reliable and valid basis, supported by experimental science and that which cannot be, but is too often claimed as "scientifically proven" < span=""><>.
6. There is a difference between the position that real science must constantly reevaluate its propositions and theories (Not equal to each other) and no scientific proposition (eg
The speed of light' Substantial human causes for climate change) is beyond question.
7. Without regard to its "sometimes" failures the traditional marriage of one man and one women has been clearly demonstrated, by history, as the basic-and-best unit of the nation and of civilization .
8. That spending beyond income will result in the ruination of an individual or family or a corporation or a nation.
9. There are major differences between Islam and the world's monotheistic religions
as make Islam the enemy of both any democracy and civilization .
10. The public acts of Mr. B. H. Obama are contrary to the best interests of the People of the USA .
11. That the original intent of the authors of the Constitution (And its amendments) should be the primary base for any judicial decisions as that basic document has NO provisions for "evolving standards of decency" or other judicial inventions BUT does have a prescribed method of change ,

I could list many more of the like divisions in this nation. It will up to the People (And, hopefully, not life-term Federal judges) , through the democratic election of its representatives, chose which positions will be public policy.

I do not see any openings for compromise on the above and many other subjects as they are too basic to the future of the nation.

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Dear Editor

Here I send you a link of news published about me today in Spanish media. You can translate it through Google. Me and my family is on gun point of the Muslims for the sin I commit of exposing Muhammad and Islam. Need your support and solidarity.

Thank you very much
Imran Firasat (Madrid)
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