Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Judges Vs. Governor Walker

US Judge William Conley, appointed by Mr. Obama, struck down much of the public union related legislation passed by the democratically elected members of our Legislature. I do have some questions about him.

1. Did he sign "Recall Scott Walker" or like petitions regarding other democratically elected officials;;
4. Has he been been a dues paying members of any political party since being confirmed in their judicial positions;
5. If so, which party;
6. Since such confirmation, has he contributed to political parties or their candidates;
7. If so, which received his cash contributions;
8. As Wisconsin is a "community property state", were his spouse or children involved in any of the above noted political activities; And,
9. Would any, if any, such demonstration of bias serve to buttress-up any appeal of his decision?

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel's editorial of March 14, 2012, approved a court order to stop enforcement of the "Voter ID Law", was headed "Another good decision...". That implies that there was an earlier and "good" like decision. The earlier decision was rendered in sloppy language by Dane County Judge David Flanagan who had signed a "Recall Walker" petition, the noted and enjoined law being a core part of Governor Walker's program. (It is still unknown to me if that Judge or his wife, Wisconsin being a community property law State, have contributed to the anti-Walker candidate Kathleen Falk or other such sharks.)

The same questions as proposed as to Judge Conley should be asked of them.


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