Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Arab & Muslim Progression

Those who report on the Middle-East, Islam and Muslims too often fail to understand the progression provided below.
1. Myself Vs. my brother---And all the world.
2. My brother and me Vs. our cousins---And all the world.
3. My brother, cousins and myself Vs. our Tribe and Clan.
4. My brother, cousins, clan/tribe and myself Vs. our nation---And all the world.
5. My brother, cousins, clan/tribe and myself Vs. the "other forms of Islam".
6. All of we Muslims (Living in the "House Of Peace") Vs. All "unbelievers" (Who live in the House of War")---According to the perpetual declaration of war proclaimed by Mohammed in the Koran.

To a limited extent, Steps 1-4 may apply to non-Muslim Arabs in such places as Lebanon.

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