Monday, January 16, 2012

Islam And Slavery

The Koran views slavery as a “permanent fact of human existence” and “explicitly guarantees Muslims the right to own slaves” (See “Islam's Wretched Record On Slavery”; Front Page Magazine; 11-10-02; By Mr. Serge Trifkovich), In that article Mr. Trifkovich gives further evidence of he horrors of slavery in general, but especially as to the length of such slavery by “muslims”, the working-to-death or castration of most such slaves. (Unlike the USA or Brazil or other places where the descendants of slaves are form a great part of the populations, the lack of such descendants in Arab nations, along with the record of Arab enslavement of Blacks, support the fact that such slaves were not allowed to breed, it being “more economical” to enslave work ready adults.)


Carlos Carrasco said...

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Nisam said...

Flight Origin : 2250 BC, River Tigris, Babylon.
Flight Through : 600 AD, Arabia.
Flight Destination : 2008 AD, White House, Washington DC, USA.

The above flight will show what kind of a slavery it was.