Thursday, October 07, 2010

Who Is My Neighbor?

"Who is my neighbor?" is the essential question for all Christians and many others. The Christ responded by using a Samaritan, of a people detested by the Jews, as an example of a peaceful and charitable (ie Of Love) person.
Certainly, He did not use the bandits who attacked the victim in this parable as examples of such. (Had I been there I might have said: "Master, what should the Samaritan have done if he arrived while the attack-and-robbery was in process?")

Are the unborn our neighbors as to offering them protection? Certainly as they are the absolute innocents having no blame of their own; The same according to the Church as children up to about seven-years of age. What puzzles me is that the Church will not declare that Natural Law allows, if not requires, the use of any level of force to prevent abortions or child abuse.

The same question applies to protecting the "life and dignity of all" as, for example, in The Sudan where loyal followers of the false prophet Mohammed continue to rob, rape and kill in following the teachings of the Koran, this being a all too common facet of Islamic aggression over the last 1400-years and in much of the World.

Are those aggressive-and-criminal Muslims our "neighbors" or are they very much more as the bandits in the parable? Do we have a natural law right (And duty?) to defend ourselves and innocent others from attacks by such AND not limiting ourselves to aiding the hurt-and-injured and burying the dead victims.? Do we have a duty to "strike blows for Christ" as supported by that "Doctor Of The Church" St. Bernard of Clairvaux?. Must we hold our defenses until the sword is swinging at our necks, our girl-children seized, guns are fired at us and the fire-bombs thrown at our church-buildings OR may we take preemptive actions against those who are fiercely advocating and preparing to make such attacks?

I specially am interested in the last question as Mohammed declared war against all "unbelievers" over 1400-years ago, a state-of-war which continues and no true-believing Mujslim will publicly deny and reject!

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