Friday, October 29, 2010

Terrorists Swimming In A Muslim Sea

"Chairman" Mao was a most horrid man, a mass murderer who facilitated the deaths of many more than even Joseph Stalin, Pol Pot and Genghis Khan. Yet, he was certainly NOT ignorant or irrational (Although he had VERY different premises for his logic).

One of his most famous "thoughts" was that: Revolutionaries swim in the sea of peasants. (Or, urban workers) who either hopefully support such persons or dare not to oppose them or even not actively supporting them. The French and USA ignored this in Viet Nam and lost their wars there.

Now we are being subject to a newly-aggressive, more-violent and heavily-armed Jihadi terrorist movements and individuals who "swim" in the Muslim ruled nations AND also everywhere where even local communities have a Muslim majority or even large minority.
The latter include parts of the UK and France where even para-military police fear to go. If not "seas" or "lakes", there are such swimming holes in many of the Nordic Nations' cities. Such may shortly become true in the Somali neighborhoods of the Twin Cities and the Muslim-Arab dominated city of Dearborn, MI (Where the local police arrested Christians attending an "Arab Festival" who were attempting to demonstrate their First Amendment rights to "the free exercise of religion").

Islam has been at war with us ("Unbelievers") for 1400-plus years; Even if we deny that fact. The response of too many is a syrup-like, and false, "Islam is a religion of peace" OR such absolute denials of reality as "The various terrorist acts of Muslims are not connected with each other".

Islamic terrorists would not survive for 30-days if their peasants (Or Urban equivalents) would turn them in to any like-minded government authorities. Yes, some Muslims fail to do so because of a real fear of physical punishment OR social isolation. However, I suspect that most Muslims support jihadi as Mohammed, the founder of Islam, insisted that the above-noted war AND the duty of every adult-male Muslim to participate in military Jihad or to support it with "all their wealth" were direct commands from Allah.

Other like, binding and unalterable commands were-and-are towards the destruction of all legal systems other than Sharia, of all governments other than those controlled by Muslims AND all ideologies and true religions other than Islam.

To paraphrase: "Those who fail to study and learn from history will be condemned to repeat it"; And, "There may be peaceful and tolerant Muslims; But, Islam is very war-like and very intolerant

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Jack said...

*sigh* where to begin... well you can have this to start with:

You have so much junk here I'll keep it short and simple, just concentrating on your first lie that Muslims don't do jack about terrorism. Well, simply put, we do and every agency in the world recognizes this. Without the co-operation of Muslims, you'd never catch these bastards.

As for 'support', please, don't make me laugh. Who bears the brunt from these scumbags 'campaign'? Muslims that's who, far more of us die from them than you and as polls show, we hate them more than you *ever* will. Mohamed would agree, these people are to be got rid of and opposed at every opportunity, as they are on a regular basis.

I have a lot more I could write about this and your other bits but I'll leave it at that for you to mull over. If you don't delete it of course...

Peace Be Upon You