Tuesday, August 24, 2010

"Wisconsin Needs Bold Initiatives"

On Aug. 22nd the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel published "Wisconsin needs bold initiatives" as written by two academics. This offering was a matter of too many words to express too little and, more importantly, too little of value.

The reason so many of our best graduates are leaving Wisconsin (For where?) is that the new-and-needed jobs are not in our State. The authors are backwards in their reasoning. The initiatives needed do not include yet more tax eating agencies; But, those which will create such jobs as will keep those persons, educated at a great cost to themselves and to tax-payers, here. Those initiatives include:
1. Cutting back state spending so as to establish a state budget which is balanced without the black-magic of borrowing (Against our decedents' incomes) and political transfers from one democratically established fund to those which benefit the Governor of the day.
.2. The establishment of those policies which will reduce the load on small businesses and companies which high R&D budgets, both of which are central to job-creation.
3. Establish a program to give a noticeable part of paid tuition back to students who continue to live in Wisconsin and pay taxes here.
4. Make all payments to UW for patents or copyrights directly to the State General Fund for democratic allocation in accordance with the acts of the People's most direct representatives.
5. Freeze all increases in State salaries (Including those within UW) until
the above steps in firmly in place.

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