Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A "Pollack Joke"---On Me

Dear Friends:

As I began to read this AP story I was going to comment on it that, as a person of Polish decent, I did not think this newsworthy. And ....

Man shot in head notices five years later

* AP
* From: AP
* August 25, 2010 10:41AM

A MAN living in Germany was shot in the back of his head, but it took him five years to realise it, police say.

The 35-year-old man was hit by a .22-calibre bullet in the town of Herne as he was out in the street partying and drunk on New Year's Eve five years ago, police said overnight.

They say the man recalled receiving a blow to the head, but told them he didn't seek medical assistance at the time.

The bullet did not penetrate the skull, and police say the Polish man only went to see a doctor recently when he felt a lump on the back of his head.

An X-ray showed an object under his skin, and doctors operated and found the projectile.

Police say it may have been a stray bullet fired by a reveller in celebration.

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