Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Troops Back From Middle East??

There are good reasons to bring our troops home from Iraq and Afghanistan and, thereafter, from the EU.

1. These battle hardened troops could be redeployed to our border with Mexico to insure border security (Against job-and-identity thieves, Middle-Eastern terrorists disguised as Latinos, "gang bangers", drug lords' "hit" and kidnapping squads, previously deported criminals and other such scum), prevent or react to a Pancho Villa style raid on US territory AND to complete an effective border-fence (Not less than four rows of razor ribbon required) by use of engineer units backed-up by regulars.
2. To be available to execute their right to vote (Well before the 2012 elections) , now often very difficult to those troops (Could keeping them overseas be part of Mr.Obama's plan for reelection?).
3. To let those unruly and Islamic terrorists of that region kill each other as they have for the last 1400-years rather than focusing on killing "unbelievers".
4. To be available to suppress Islamic violence in the USA, most specially in the "no go" (And probably heavily armed) Muslim enclaves in our nation.

After that, the US troops in the EU should be recalled to the USA to the savings of much of our tax dollars. If, and only if, the nations of the EU wish to defend themselves from the aggression of Czar Putin and the too many Muslims now living there they must then increase their armed forces and related spending (It would be best if they did not arm-and-train terrorists---Muslims).

The disadvantages of the above actions are based on the fact that such Middle-Eastern combat makes our troops (At a terrible cost in blood and treasure) battle hardened and the only remaining large military force in the world in that condition. (UK and Canadian troops are excellent; But, they are parts of very small forces. Also, it is better to fight the criminal-terrorist movement known as Islam away from our cities and fields.

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