Monday, June 07, 2010

Too Many Words Seves Evil?

I have, to my point-of-view, today completed an extended debate with some assertive/militant/pathological pacifists. I have put, over the months, two questions which could best be answered by a Yes/No OR Choice A/B basis. Instead I continued to receive the same flood of words which can not be supported by the rules of exposition and rhetoric, by logic and (I believe) not even by the Scriptures AND, certainly NOT by Natural Law which was given to humanity by God.

I have reflected on the history of such techniques and who has used who is using them. I provide the following examples.
1. As to speeches: Adolf Hitler, Joseph Goebbels, Fidel Castro, Hugo Chavez, B. H. Obama and that front man for the mad mullahs of Iran, Mahmoud Ahmadinnejad.
2. As to written works: Mao and Joseph Stalin.
3. Those US attorneys who drown the courts with words to convince judges that black is white, up is down and wrong is right.
4. Those appellate judges who use masses of words to support the same attorney arguments AND to destroy the essentially simple ideas and rules of the US Constitution, jury decisions and votes by the People.

Yes, there are cultural differences in speaking and writing styles. Speakers of Arabic and Spanish tend to use more words to express the same ideas as can be expressed in other languages. But, if you do a semantic study of those speeches, you will detect the same excesses as noted above for some of the worst people in history and in our current world.

Those who use too many words, to cover up honest and concise statements, is in danger of being in service to the "Father Of Lies".

Edward Everett was reckoned one of the greatest orators of his time. Yet, who remember anything of his two hour speech at the dedication of the military cemetery at the Gettysburg battle site. Yet, any literate and real American has had exposure to that most expressive of speeches, lasting two minutes, by President Lincoln.

Truth is simple and simply separated from outright lies. Half-truths are usually buried in a sea of words which make them worse than lies. There is also the quote: "A lie told often enough becomes truth" Vladimir Lenin OR Adolf Hitler---A context in which I have place the repetitive and non-responsive statements of the noted pacifists (Who are at whose service?).

Now, have I used too many words?

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