Monday, June 07, 2010

Making Islamic Martyrs----Help Achieve Goals

If Palestinians, those who share their militant-and-murderous ideology and their flunkies of the dhimitude inclination wish to be martyrs and to meet Allah (Or is it Shaitan or Iblis?), then we (In cool and dispassionate ways)must arrange for that status and meeting in the soonest possible time and with the least "collateral damage".

History has clearly demonstrated that Islam will not respond to compromise, "reaching out", inter-faith meetings/seminars, kindness; But, responds only to properly applied physical, military level, force---By governments (eg The Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth),international groups (eg The naval powers who destroyed the Turkish fleet at Lepanto) and even citizen groups (eg The Greeks who won freedom from Islamic Turkey).

Tues-les tous, Dieu Redonnatdea les sein!

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