Monday, February 08, 2010

University Of Wisconsin Salary Increase Plot

This morning's news brought the information that UW's President has formed a "commission" to find reasons to increase salaries within that non-system. That logically leads to the following conclusions:
1. He is unwilling to make such proposals himself and is searching for a way to hide and diffuse responsibility for making suggestions, in this time of economic hardship on most citizens (Especially students and their families), for that indefensible goal.
2. He is shirking the responsibilities of his job and NOT earning his over-inflated salary and even more grossly puffed-up fringe benefits.
3. He is bypassing the UW Regents where basic responsibility for such actions lay.
4. By probable loading that commission with persons who are in favor of such increases he is shutting out those persons who might raise reasonable doubts as to the propriety of such increases.

I can save UW the trouble of any such commission by setting the following rules:
1. Increases should and must be tied to the mean income of all Wisconsin residents, increasing only when that increases and being set back when such decreases; AND,
2. Tuition and costs for students being tied to the same measure.

Now, isn't that simple-and-fair?

The People and Legislature of our State must UW back into the real world of a major economic recession and for other reasons by direct election of the Regents (eg Two from each Congressional District) by the People for four-year terms during the General Elections.

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