Thursday, February 18, 2010

Corporations & Political Contrbutions

There are many who object to "corporations" being included in those "persons" recently freed from political contribution restrictions by the Supreme Court. But, do those persons' definition of "corporation" include such organizations as: Labor Unions, especially the very political teachers' unions of this era; NAACP; ACLU; Academic organizations and universities; The NRA; The various anti-NRA groups; National and State manufactures' associations; PTAs; The Boy & Girl Scouts; Many religious organizations (And those who oppose religion); And, many others groups of people. Arch-typically these organizations are incorporated.

Although many of them have no direct interest in "their" corporation making a profit, they all do pay off their members in money or political influence or other benefits.

Many of these corporations are organized to allow their members (Individual citizens and others) to pool their money, collective voices and other resources to, among other things, have a greater impact on politics. For many, this is not the sole or chief purpose of such corporations.

Therefore, I cannot see or understand why some incorporated groups of people (Who may have a primary profit goal) should be excluded from a corporate decision to attempt to influence public opinion as to elections.

These "people-purists" also failed to note the influence of such individuals as George Soros who gives huge sums of cash (Often through partially-or-fully hidden paths) to affect public-political opinion in the USA.

They are still welcome to (Perhaps through a non-profit corporation) attempt to amend the First Amendment. Until that occurs: "Congress shall make no law....".


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