Thursday, May 07, 2009

Real Torture

For some time I have read many claims that "water boarding" and other severe interrogation methods used against terrorists are "torture"---Without any proofs that it has caused lasting physical or psychological damage to those thugs.OR to the strangely sensitive US or world citizens of a leftist orientation.

Our "torturers are WIMPS ! They should rather select out the more-or-less less useful or wanted subjects, make other subjects watch and use one of the following methods to encourage them to comply: Inject strong acids or other chemical to burn away the subjects bodies with the expected convulsions due to gross pain; OR, slice their living bodies into pieces in imitation of the traditional Chinese "Death Of A Thousand Cuts";
OR, crush their or pierce their skulls and suck their living, functional, brains out of their quivering bodies.

Does this proposal shock you? Why? In the USA and some of those nations whose ethical pundits oppose to "water boarding", this is already done, It is called (Late Term) abortion and the subjects are not terrorists, but the most innocent of all humans.

Now, why does such genocidal actions against the unborn and, sometimes, almost born not shock the consciences of those same, very selective, critics of potentially life saving actions against terrorists?

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