Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Facts VS Hate Crime Laws

The number of Blacks who select Whites as the victims of their crimes is many, many, times the reverse. Blacks as victims of White rapists are so few as to be statistically meaning less, which is most certainly not the reverse. (I have not been exposed to the same information as to Latinos and Whites, but suspect from local crime reports that the same holds true.)

It is obvious that the number of Gays and Bi-Sexual persons who infect others (And kill them) with AIDS/HIV is infinitely greater that the opposite.

In fact, most deadly and other serous assaults are within the same groups: Black on Black, Latino on Latino, Gay on Gay and White on White.

Hate crimes laws do two, very unfortunate, things:
1.Provide an irrational (ie Not based on facts) unequal protection of the law; And,
2. Cover up the failure of each group to change its own cultures towards civilized, law-abiding and life-respecting behavior---Rather than hiding under another "excuse" for bad behavior chiefly within, but also without, each such "minority group"

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