Thursday, July 13, 2006

Islam---So Full Of Hate

What religion or political movement or ideology is so full of hate as is Islam? Not even the hateful Nazi movement, with its Brown Shirt VS. Black Shirt and bloody conflict, ate up itself so much with internal disputes. Even the Thirty Years War between various Christian groups or the Crusaders' errors in persecuting the Eastern Churches have lasted as many centuries of murderous hate as expressed by the many killings of Muslims by Muslims since Mohammed claimed that his pronouncements came directly from Allah---Including those conveniently abrogated by subsequent rulings.

Even the Slavic pogroms and Nazi holocaust against Jews have come to an end with the growing understanding of the Jews as the spiritual ancestors of Christianity and what is truly good in the West. Yet, Islam continues to preach destruction of the Jews, jihads against Christians and others----While still engaged in an almost sexual frenzy of Muslim murdering Muslim. Even our home-grown “skin head” and like movements are small in nature and short-lived---Even though they keep popping up like a rash or teen age pimples, disfiguring and embarrassing but not dangerous to the vast majority of people.

Even the ACLU (American Christian Loathing Union) and other secular groups, who wish to destroy Christianity “for the greater glory of atheism”, do not hate themselves so much as does one branch of Islam detest all others.


Perhaps, we should look to the teachings of the Koran and the Hadith (The purported sayings of Mohammed) AND to the various interpretations of them as contained in the Sharia (The Islamic codes of law) for some basis for that essential hate-in-Islam.

What other major ideology teaches that the response to an insult is to kill and not to “turn the other cheek”? What other current “faith” of today requires, as a matter-of-law, that those who leave it be executed? What other form of government, unlike those on a Sharia foundation, seek to suppress others on the basis of gender (By means of sexual mutilation and other horrid practices) or religion (Being a Jew or Christian or pagan or even some other form of Muslim)? What other ideology maintains that slavery is a normal, expected and divinely approved state in this world?

What other way-of-thinking always degenerates to the position that music, art, invention, democracy, and literature (Other than the Koran and derived works) are evil and condemned by our Creator? What other culture has given so little, if any, of those best of human efforts to the world as has Islam?

[I suspect that if Israel and Jews did not exist, Muslims would commit more of their energies to murdering each other as a natural result of the underlying hate-filled nature of their way-of-thinking. I suspect if Islam ruled the whole world (As is its expressed goal), its followers would degenerate into a world destroying orgy of mutual/self-destruction.]

To paraphrase others, “There may be tolerant, peaceful and loving Muslims; But, Islam is intolerant, war-like and hate-filled”.

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